Irinox Fresco is the first blast chiller for domestic use.
This new generation appliance combines fast chilling and slow cooking to offer 7 innovative functions.
Designed for home use, it preserves the quality of food for much longer. Fresco helps you eat better every day and is ideal for anyone who enjoys cooking for themselves and for others. With Fresco you can cook food gently, even several days in advance, and create a stock of fresh dishes to be enjoyed at any time, eliminating waste and helping you organize work in the kitchen.

  • Shock freezing

    Shock freezing

    The faster the freezing process the better the food quality is preserved. Once thawed, the food is as fresh, tasty and fragrant as if it had never been frozen.

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  • Blast chilling

    Blast chilling

    Chills hot food quickly, stopping the spread of bacteria and ensuring food is fresh and tasty for 5-7 days.

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  • Drink and bottle cooling

    Drink and bottle cooling

    Wine and drinks are taken from ambient temperature to the right serving temperature, losing 1°C per minute. You no longer need to cram the fridge with drinks, and you will always be ready should unexpected guests arrive.

  • Controlled thawing

    Controlled thawing

    This function thaws frozen food more quickly, more evenly and without partially cooking it, preserving its natural moisture and fragrance.

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  • Natural proofing

    Natural proofing

    Constant proofing temperature for bread, pizza and buns. This is the ideal condition for yeast fermentation, which makes the dough much more digestible.

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  • Ready meal

    Ready meal

    Offers the convenience of leaving home in the morning and coming back in the evening to a hot ready meal. The food is held as in a refrigerator throughout the day and then brought up to serving temperature as if it has just come out of the oven. Just what anyone would dream of finding when coming home after a hard day’s work.

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  • Slow, low-temperature cooking

    Slow, low-temperature cooking

    The secret so many chefs never talk about! This cooking method, which never exceeds 75°C, gently cooks meat and fish, boosting flavours and retaining original moisture content, texture and nutrients.

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